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Marc Nelson & Terry Skaggs and the noises they hear in their heads.

A Winterlit Monday

December. A workday. Late afternoon a quiet corner of a city. The piercing gray cold just before snow falls. (Actually from Terry's side project, Dead Lizard Grin and video project "A Chronicle Of Lost Sunsets".)

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She Is October

An evolving meditation on summer as seen from a perspective after its warmth has faded and the leaves are gone. From our album "filmproduktion". Written & performed by Terry Skaggs & Marc Nelson Recorded July - August 2009 TS: Synths, piano, guitar synthesizer, bass, percussion, samples, loops, processing MN: Guitar, synth

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Music From An Empty Room (Hallucinogenic Afternoon)

Technically, this is a piece by my solo side project Dead Lizard Grin. A sibling to my other Ofu Island field recording-based soundscape pieces from the past several years. This recording was made on a quiet afternoon in my room at Vaoto Lodge when I found myself wondering what empty spaces do to entertain themselves when no one is around. I set up my recorder and left the room to discover the answer to that question. After a person leaves a room I imagined the very air itself morphing slightly into a consciousness that hums and interfaces with outside sounds. Philosophizing aside, a tree falling in a forest makes a sound with or without human ears there to hear it, and a room is not a dead silent space when left alone.

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Ofu Island Night

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Song Of The Dead

We exist at a unique place in history. For the first time ever, we can look at old photographs and motion pictures of crowds or listen to early recordings of music and know that every person in the crowd, every child in a street scene, every musician in the orchestra, every home-recorded baby is now long since dead. Exclusively using source materials found at the Cylinder Preservation And Digitization Project's website (Edison cylinder recordings used under the Creative Commons deed), I manipulated samples of the departed into a long-form dronescape. Every sound heard on Song Of The Dead was made by a person who is, most certainly, no longer among the living. Further details:

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Ofu Field Recording

"Ofu Field Recording" This is a hybrid collage of sound recorded at many locations and times on Ofu Island, American Samoa. My footfalls on the sand and coral road lead through the rainforest to the beach and shoreline. Along the way we hear a young woman working in her garden, a congregation singing in church, and children banging on oil drums, shouting, and setting off homemade fireworks on New Year's Eve. The early portion of the piece features some very delicate synth and piano as a sort of 'mood setting' to frame it in my state of mind when I'm in this far away and little known place on the edge of the world.

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Veils Of Rain

Based around a field recording done on Ofu Island, American Samoa, captured in May of 2006 of a sudden cloudburst on a sunny, Polynesian afternoon. It is the relaxing sound of rain on a tin roof and forest leaves dappled by the shower that is central to this piece. Afterwards, very delicate synthesizer sequencers were mixed into the proceedings to add an electronic counterpoint to the organic mix of sound. No edits were made to the source field recording; it is presented as it happened. For best results take this piece with headphones just before sleep, in a darkened room, with eyes closed, lying down.

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Soundtracks to dreams, nightmares, industry, nature - using whatever means necessary.

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