Underground PC-Modules with melody, attitude, and a healthy dose of the odd.

Wings of the Fallen

A song in five parts, originally to people who meant quite a lot to me at the time. A ballad to the suffering that is life. Re-released with different Tom samples thanks to licensing issues. Re-Dedicated to those who suffer, whatever the cause. I'm quite fond of the synth pitchbend, myself. I've never made a Juno-106 wail quite like that since.

[ tags: dark ] [ genres: electronic instrumental ] [ info: 4:50 ogg vorbis ccbysa2.5 ]


[ tags: ] [ genres: downtempo electronic ] [ info: 1:25 ogg vorbis ccbysa2.5 ]

F# Jump

Ten note fugue meets synth jazz soundscape. Probably needs more panning, but you can't eat your cake and have it too. Title comes from a short key change in the first bridge. Source available, XM format.

[ tags: synth jazz jump ] [ genres: jazz instrumental ] [ info: 2:35 ogg vorbis ccbysa2.5 ]

I've been composing in the various module formats of the PC-music underground scene since 1994. I abandoned my music in 1999 to go to university, and have recently picked it back up again. The result is a sound which is both 'high-brow' and 'old-school' and plays a few tricks on the listener. I can provide XM source files upon request.

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