Markovich/A.M.P is A Music Project creating songs built in a strong groove, spanning trip-hop, techno and trance beats, over which plays thoughtful and emotional vocals, classic synth sounds as well as powerful guitar riffs. Drawing from contempory as well as ethnic sources for inspiration, Markovich tunes remain accessible and meaningful to a wide audience, favoring a pop song format.

Sitting on the beach in Holyhead (on another island, but don't feel much like Ibiza, though), the Dublin ferry not in yet, no money to get a pint in the pub, just the sound of the sea...

[ tags: guitar sea ireland wales ] [ genres: electroacoustic groove ] [ info: 3:57 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Jerry is an accomplished vocalist and songwriter in his own right, with a number of CD releases to his name. The clarity and power of his voice complements the music, helping to keep it accessible. Jerry's voice is key to the more upbeat and fun side of the Project's work: on "Peter Tong", and the fun he had singing the track is easy to hear.

Margot du Bois - Lead Vocals, Lyrics Margot, better known for her work with Margot and the Rocket People, delivers a sombre but melodic counterpoint to the darker tracks. Her minor-key feel and heartfelt vocals help to sell the mood of songs like "When the Sky fell Down" and "Sunday Morning" (for which track she also contributed the lyrics and original song idea)

Roy Phillips brings a love of strong dance music combined with punk ethics to his songwriting, programming and production duties for the Project, additionally playing the guitar and bass parts.

Unwholly, as well as contributing songs and music, delivers powerful and moody vocals, the signature of Markovich vocal tracks. His folk violin adds a sharp cutting-edge offsetting the inherently robotic feel of the backing tracks.

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