I'm a digital, RPG-like music composer. Also a rocker and 100% CC-BY-SA.

I am flexible, though, if you need my work for other stuff.


This song is in spanish. Me and Daniel made it for a barista contest. The song depicts a nice afternoon, drinking a latte. It is very cool. A little rock and psychedelic stuff added and you have a rock hit! This song is totally unpublished.

[ tags: guitar vocal spanish solo spychedelic espaol ] [ genres: rock vocal ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

Far away

I made this song for my friend Juan; since he won a Polish reality show where he had to sing. He gets signed by Sony or something and I send him a song for his album, which he never published. I dunno what happened. But I'm sure this song is cool.

[ tags: alternative ] [ genres: rock vocal ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

There is no time

This is a song where I sing. The thing is I made this song on Linux; using Bitwig; which had some problems at the time and sounded like it does. The song, on the other hand, is a resemblance, in the voice of the Elder of Mysidia and Cecil; from Final Fantasy IV. It relates the story from when Cecil gets back to Mysidia asking for help and gets sent to become a Paladin. Then, fast forward to his final battle with Golbez and Zeromus; then, good bye.

[ tags: game epic rpg finalfantasy ] [ genres: electronic vocal ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]


A great friend, one day, came to me; amazed, since he had learned about the tritone and what it meant in the past. It got some realloy cool musical pieces get banned by the church since it contained this interval. Ridiculous. Many artists have used it since. So, this is my commemoration of the tritone.

[ tags: minimal horror uptempo mistery delicate ] [ genres: electronic instrumental ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

Me decían

A song I made to conmemorate the ext4 filesystem. Just that. It is a good one, though! aaaaand... it is unpublished up to now!

[ tags: minimal sensitive delicate ] [ genres: electronic downtempo ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

Our life

Yes, this is how life is (again). It starts odd. One never really understand it. Or do we and we don't realize? It gets tuff... and it gets happy and playful. And it goes back sometimes. Ahh... it is what we have... enjoy it!

[ tags: piano experimental odd meaningful ] [ genres: electronic minimal ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

Nadia's song

I made this song for a girlfried. It had lyrics and stuff. But one day, a friend needed it for a TV show. So I made the instrumental version. It turned out OK.

[ tags: ] [ genres: electronic new age ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]


Experimental song. Trying to mix two non-compatible rhythms. It turned out pretty cool, if you ask me... but, hey; I am Biased.

[ tags: odd polyrhythms newwave ] [ genres: electronic experimental ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

New horizon

This is more like a progressive song. I like it because the instrumentation is pretty cool. Electronic and orchestral sounds together. I've always thrived for that sound. Anyway, be patient. Try to listen through it.

[ tags: electronica progressive symphonic ] [ genres: electronic orchestral ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]


A theme made after a working season in Guanajuato. Acámbaro is just a little city there. The theme has nothing to do with the city, though...

[ tags: ] [ genres: electronic instrumental ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]


This theme was made for Victoria; a character made by a Brazilian hentai artist called: Ued Guy Victoria is the tall one (adult content): So, he asked for a theme and I made it. Pretty cool. Yeah, I had watched Kill Bill at the time.

[ tags: soundtrack rock cinematic movie ] [ genres: electronic fusion ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

To be happy

I made this song for Dorli, so she can be happy. I share it with you as well, in hopes that it becomes the soundtrack of your happiness.

[ tags: happy ] [ genres: electronic instrumental ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

To be free

Ah! A song of freedom! Use it every time you become a little more free. You never become 100% free, but the journey is awesome!

[ tags: game electronica lounge rpg ] [ genres: electronic instrumental ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

Señor, ten piedad de nosotros

OK, I went to see The passion of Christ. I am an anti-theist so I laughed a lot in the movie. I made the soundtrack for TPoC-II: the revenge! This song is a trance song; mocking the "Señor, ten piedad de nosotros" theme. It is intended to make fun of it and the religion in general.

[ tags: funny soundtrack parody ] [ genres: electronic trance ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

Rola Z

This is a very nice song. I like the composition and the melody. It has great matisse and is a nice song in general. I made 3 more versions and they were used in a pygame game: by c-quel. Pretty nice anime game.

[ tags: piano melody inspiring nice ] [ genres: electronic instrumental ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

Pizzerola walz

A strange and odd walz. It is very much inspired in Nobuo Uematsu's Final Fantasy IV song. The one where you fight the dolls. It is very much like that.

[ tags: electronic game walz odd rpg ] [ genres: electronic instrumental ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]


I made this song when I entered the FOSS world. There was a guy that helped me with all my technical problems and he did it with all humility and compassion. He caused me to fall in love with FOSS and understand what is all about; without trying. This song is for him: Paul Howarth

[ tags: symphonic heroic ] [ genres: electronic instrumental ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

Our journey

It depicts life as it is. Odd, strange, happy, sad. It is all that as you follow the path you make. It is a very true song.

[ tags: minimal instrumental minimalistic odd ] [ genres: electronic experimental ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]


A fun song; with a very powerful and overdriven drum set. Really cool harmony work towards the end. Pretty happy and powerful song.

[ tags: instrumental happy loud ] [ genres: electronic rock ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]


One of my favorite songs (yeah, I made it). This song was made in a horrible room; when I got to Guadalajara; in absolute poverty and frustration. It is a dark song...

[ tags: dark piano strings sad ] [ genres: electronic instrumental ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]


I made this song for a website; yeah, back then; when websites had music! Anyway, it was too "sexy" for the website and they rejected it. Still, I love it.

[ tags: piano downtempo sexy sophisticated ] [ genres: electronic avant garde ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

A lo largo

Cool song; which is a guitar solo short, and it is my hit in Jamendo. It is a cool song... but not that cool. I dunno what happened. Maybe people like the two piano melodies playing together. I dunno.

[ tags: piano bass lounge ] [ genres: electronic instrumental ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

Wowa intro

This is the intro to Wowa. It is a 5 second song; which can be used as a ring tone, message tone or as an intro to the song ;)

[ tags: electronica intro lounge donwtempo ringtone ] [ genres: downtempo loop ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

Wowa 2

This version of Wowa has a kind of mini theme. I like it since it's very loungy and down tempo. A perfect loop for a lounge in a game or a cool presentation.

[ tags: loop easylistening lounge ] [ genres: electronic downtempo ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]


A cool background song made for looping on a presentation, game or something of the sorts. I actually like to hear it... a lot! There is an intro and a version 2; which is slower.

[ tags: cool easylistening lounge looop ] [ genres: electronic avant garde ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

Rola sepa

An acid depiction of Duckman and his crazyness. I like this song because it is actually funny!

[ tags: ] [ genres: trance electro ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

Mi changa

I don't make house... wait!... I did! Wow!

[ tags: down piano house ] [ genres: house electronic ] [ info: ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]


Hah! A song I made for a russian girlfriend! ;) Romantic, spanish/english song. Kind of what I do in my rock band... not that corny, though

[ tags: rock indie spanish english romantic emo corny ] [ genres: folk electro ] [ info: 03' 33'' ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

You, night

A cinematographic theme. It has piano, drums, strings and stuff like that. Unite, that's the real name. As always, a bit progressive. I like the theme a lot. What can I say? I'm my #1 fan! ;)

[ tags: piano strings theme cinematographic rpg ] [ genres: instrumental game ] [ info: 04'' 46'' ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

My Hermano

Well, a very nice 'desert trip' song. A game soundtrack definitely. The theme has some strange elements like drums, strings, clarinet and electric bass. Instrumental as hell and in loop. You can use it in your game immediately.

[ tags: instrumental clarinet game drums rpg ] [ genres: instrumental game ] [ info: 03'' 46'' ogg vorbis ccpd ]

Misa de Gallinas

A great symphonic/electronic song. One of my first songs using Reason. I like this one since it has a hidden theme. It is also big and dynamic. Since it was made in Reason 2.5; I am sure it can be better mixed and all. Contact me to point you to the reason file link.

[ tags: instrumental symphonic cinematographic ] [ genres: instrumental game ] [ info: 03' 57'' ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

Our Journey

It is a lone song. Piano and delay only. Somewhat mysterious... Man, descriptions should be added by other than the artist... the description is the song itself.

[ tags: minimal piano mystery rpg ] [ genres: instrumental game ] [ info: 02' 46'' ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

The drunk n' pirate cucaracha

This is a portrait song. Imagine a pirate cockroach; which is drunk. It is progressive and somewhat minimal.

[ tags: piano acoustic jazzy theme cinematographic rpg ] [ genres: acoustic game ] [ info: 03' 13'' ogg vorbis ccbysa3.0 ]

This is me. I'm alone in this facet; making music as I imagine it. Most of these songs are made in the middle of the night (that's the reason for my first album's title); while this side of the world sleeps, and, sometimes, it comes out very strange.

There are no complications in most songs. It's plain simple... maybe even minimal.

I am a person that's a bit introspective and analytic. I like thinking about the universe... this world... this society and my place among them.

Music is my life and I enjoy hearing it and making it. I'm my #1 fan!

This is my serious part. For those who know me, will be very intrigued and surprised about this facet of mine since I'm not serious at all!

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