The Dejunair Project

A Linux and Open Source Software based Recording Studio and band project. Open Source Music, you can use the music for whatever you want at no cost. Our individual mix tracks are also free and available for download in FLAC format for sampling or remixing (open source). We provide OGG versions along with MP3 versions of our downloadable instrumentals. There are also Jam Track versions.

West Nile Papyrus

Instrumental track with feelings of trance and a bit of Floyd. Just a "sit back and vegetate on it" kind of thing.

[ tags: guitar rock trance bass drums samples ] [ genres: instrumental drone ] [ info: 7:12 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

It Only Rains When She Cries

Imagine if you will...

[ tags: instrumental guitar rock bass drums ] [ genres: instrumental rock ] [ info: 5:45 mp3 ccbysa2.5 ]

Musicians creating instrumental music with Linux & Open Source Software.
The Dejunair Project

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